violet is i.d.

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Are these your products and services?

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Why do this?

Why not?

No really?

So, here is why violet is a special color…no…actually, not just a special one—-scratch that—-but the best frickin’ color on the planet. First, because it (well, technically purple—in english—but violet is purple in French, so there) is smack between two of the earth’s classic opposing colors, red and blue. And for that reason it symbolizes harmony, balance, and minimum discord. Second, because violet is a spectral color; in fact, one of the most interesting spectral colors, for it sits at the utter horizon of the human visible spectrum. And for that reason it is intense, sovereign, genius, ultimate, and maximally supreme.

There is no other color that encapsulates minima and maxima as violet. Violet is not the necessary color. Violet is the sufficient color.

Violet is vitality. Violet is life.

What’s more important: the journey or the destination?

The journey is the destination.