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Givenchy Pisces T-Shirt

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This men’s cut Givenchy black jersey t-shirt features an inkblot illustration of the Pisces zodiac sign. Popping, loud colors on black are the new black I suppose. Since 48 year old Birmingham* native Clare Waight Keller took the helm last year, Givenchy has launched a jewelry and clothing line inspired by star signs. Zodiac and astrology have been a recurrent theme in the last couple of years, and a frequent topic in pop culture as well. The emergence of horoscopes as a trend has spiked public interest and inspired designers to incorporate star signs into clothing.

Incidentally, Givenchy very recently named Ariana Grande (a Cancer, born on June 23rd) its new face

“I am so proud to be the new face of Givenchy. It is a House I have forever admired and to now be part of that family is such an honor. I love this clothing and the confidence and joy it brings to the people wearing it. Not only is the clothing timeless and beautiful but I'm proud to work with a brand that makes people feel celebrated for who they are, and unapologetic about whatever they want to be.”

Ms. Grande has risen from the ashes of late, and she does so seemingly on a serial basis. Ariana Grande seems a timely anointment from the marketing gods of LVMH for this collective crystal-gazing moment amidst the faithless geopolitics we just can’t seem to shake.

Clare Waight Keller initially created pieces inspired by her own astrological sign, Leo. She then ventured out, crafting an entire collection completely dedicated to the 12 Western zodiac signs.  This printed t-shirt is an homage to the luxury brand’s founder Hubert de Givenchy, as his sign was Pisces.

Givenchy launched a stellar astrology inspired collection of timeless pieces featuring unique designs tailored for each sign. And this t-shirt brings a focus for the creatures of the stars, as Givenchy has managed to put a couture-like spin on the theme of the zodiac. The end result was delivered into this sophisticated Pisces tee that would certainly make the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

This t-shirt is made from soft cotton with a black base and a captivating multicolored print that hones in on the Pisces sign’s aquatic nature. The color palette has a dominant element of blue, reminiscent of the water sign’s aesthetic, with a fluid range of violet-purple, rosy blush, turquoise, and some specks of orange.

The luxury label’s t-shirt print accentuates the vibrant hues and depicts an impeccable representation of the Pisces emblem in royal blue and violet tones. The print is mainly focused on the upper body area, front and back, including some color spilling over the opaque sleeves and giving the tee a bold, saturated and benignly hallucinatory effect.

Though the t-shirt has a vaguely of masculine cut, it offers a comfortable enough fit that it can be worn gender-neutrally. The zodiac-inspired silhouette showcases a ribbed crew neckline and twin-needle stitch detailing at the cuff and hem.

Wear this t-shirt tucked into a pair of studded black skinny jeans, nude pumps and a color block handbag to match the violet hues of the print. Or team it with a pair of biker shorts and add some chunky sneakers. Don’t hesitate to accessorize, top your look off with matching zodiac-inspired earrings or a Pisces ring if you wanna be more subtle. Create an ocean-inspired look by mixing different shades of mauve, violet, and seafoam for your eyeshadow and don’t be stingy with the highlighter, let your skin shine as bright as the sun.

If you’re looking for a classier outfit, wear your top with a pair of high-waisted flared trousers and some nude high-heeled sandals. Go for a classic beige or black tote bag to complete your look.

Alternatively, have a look below at a similar Givenchy shirt in black with multicolor letter. Note the “N” in violet.

*please Americans humor your British friends with a silent “H”