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Parasite Electra Eyewear: When Post-modern meets Post-post-modern

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Parasite Electra Eyewear


Parasite is a premium French brand that specializes in high performance eyewear. In 2002, the concept and design imprint of the label took the industry by storm and Parasite has never looked back, continuing to manufacture unique, one-of-a-kind spectacles and sunglasses ever since.

This Electra series pair of glasses highlights the rebellious DNA of the brand, and the structure therein can’t help but be avant-garde, futuristic even. The rimless rectangular shape is reminiscent of the goggles a mad scientist would wear whilst toiling away in their laboratory, tucked into a hidden redoubt, evoking certain elements of science-fiction combined with tried and true industrial design.

When you look at these glasses, your brain conjures imagery of something technical, but also something a bit more human-centred than you might first expect. The glasses are not an accessory anymore, they become an extension of the wearer. A symbiosis occurrence that fuses this pair of violet-hued Electra eyewear and the user.

This pair of glasses is not only your window to the world, but it goes beyond that. It is a transcendence of existence that merges reality with the supernatural. The Electra eyeglasses are handmade with the best quality materials and ISO 9001 techniques of manufacturing borrowed from the no-nonsense optics world. When you wear the Parasite brand, you’re emulating sophistication at its finest, but you’re also embarking on an exploratory journey towards your deepest self. The Electra Mono 2 in purple provides you with a slender structure characterized by its agility and resilience. The glasses are ultra-lightweight and they come in stainless steel so when you put them on, you can fully embody elegance, sport and a touch of futurism. The quality of these glasses is exceptional: not only do they offer comfort and lightness, but they also incorporate cutting edge technologies so you don’t need to hide behind bulky frames. With the Electra eyeglasses, you get to fully immerse yourself in the world and experience everything around you without feeling conscious of your glasses’ frame.

The purple is a color of love, passion, seduction, and adventure. It makes the frame look super sleek and elegant. Forget that you need a black frame for your glasses to ‘suit’ every one of your outfits. The stunning hue of violet featured on this pair of glasses will add that much-needed pop of color to your outfits and impart your fashion sense with fiery power and pizzazz. The unique incorporation of violet into a futuristic frame design emanates a flair of fashion-forward-ness, that is hard to ignore.

The glasses are a genuine timeless piece that will make you feel absolutely youthful and stylish at all times. Adopt these frames as your every day prescription glasses and capitalize on their potential to elevate your style and transform your look. You don’t necessarily have to mix and match your clothes to fit with the shade of the frame. Instead, opt for accessories with a similar fuchsia radiance to put emphasis on the beautiful color of the Electra glasses. You can rock these eyeglasses with your entire wardrobe because they are extremely versatile, and they will pair very nicely with all kinds of styles, from classy chic to sporty to casual.

The Electra Mono 2 is practical and ever on-point. Get your pair here.