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Went #2 in Draft But Ja Morant is #1 in (Violet) Style

Violet Moves, Athletic WearViolet

This is the tailor-made monochrome look that every sartorially-savvy gent wishes he could pull off.

Ja is going to the Memphis Grizzles. Too bad it’s a dour powdery blue and navy color scheme waiting for him in Tennessee. This guy needs some Pantone in his life, and we get it.

Ja, you rule!

SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves

Violet Moves, Athletic Wear, FootwearViolet

Have you heard of DVT? It sounds like a stinging mosquito repellant, tell me about it—-I know. Though it stands for “deep vein thrombosis.” It occurs as a result of the formation of deeply embedded blood clots, mostly in the legs. It is painful for one, and just straight up gnarly to boot. There are folks for whom a long haul flight is not just the inane security theater and the usual, surly, service-as-as-a-disservice and bumps and all, but potentially deadly as the the restricted movement for long durations, disrupted circadian rhythms, coupled with the propensity for one to naturally aim to take a nap means poor circulation, leading to risk factors for pulmonary embolisms, and of course deep vein thrombosis.

Pressure, here at least, is your friend. A compression sock helps veins stay taut, and thus calm and collected. Prevention is better than the cure. Buy from SB SOX.