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Pawaca Sports Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells-Set of 2

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Water exercise is all about recovery, recovery, recovery.

H2O is 3000 times denser than air.

Water aerobics are passé. Painfully so.

But water-based recovery training is all the rage..

The Pawaca Sports Aquatic dumbbells are shaped like regular dumbbells familiar to landlubbers anywhere and everywhere. Though their foam material and purposely non-aero-dynamic shape will give you just the resistance you need to get a burn.

Work on your flexibility. Practice your grip strength.

Get a pair of violet-colored water dumbbells today!

Aegend Swim Goggles No Leaking Anti Fog UV Protection Triathlon Swim Goggles

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  • COMFORTABLE: Flexible silicone frame and gasket provides maximum comfort.

  • SHATTER PROOF: Polycarbonate lenses stay strong even in the toughest conditions.

  • Modified comfortable nose piece.

  • EFFECTIVE: UV protection and anti-fog coating enhances your swimming experience.

  • Convenient clip in the back.

Recommended Usage Scenario:

  • Mirrored lenses: Reflect light away from your eyes. Mirrored lenses provide a darker view. Suitable for swimming outdoors - especially in bright days swimming.

  • Tinted Lenses: Reduce brightness by creating a darker view during bright indoor and outdoor swimming conditions.- not suitable for bright days or dimly-lit environments.

  • Clear lenses: Offers protection and clear vision without changing the appearance of colors. - Ideal for indoor or low-light swimming situations.

TIPS for preventing fogging:

All of our goggles lenses are covered by an anti-fog coating. By following these steps you can make the anti-fog coating last longer:

  1. Always remember to rinse the inside lenses so the coating can work. Put goggles in pool water for a while before swimming.

  2. NEVER wipe the lenses.

  3. After swimming, wash the lenses with fresh water and then leave it to dry.”

Bodykore Premium Kettlebell- Powder Coat Finish

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“BodyKore Premium kettlebells

Single piece cast kettlebells made from premium ore and not scrap iron. No weld spots makes the kettlebell more durable and less likely to break upon hitting the ground. Finished with premium matte finish. There is a color strap marking on the handle that distinguishes the weights of the kettlebell.

  • Thick grip to build grip strength and power in the wrist and rubber in the inner core

  • Single piece cast kettlebells with premium powder coat finish

  • Great weight distribution

  • Smooth texture for easy grip

  • BodyKore Functional Products carry a Industry Leading 1 Year Warranty!