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Pawaca Sports Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells-Set of 2

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Water exercise is all about recovery, recovery, recovery.

H2O is 3000 times denser than air.

Water aerobics are passé. Painfully so.

But water-based recovery training is all the rage..

The Pawaca Sports Aquatic dumbbells are shaped like regular dumbbells familiar to landlubbers anywhere and everywhere. Though their foam material and purposely non-aero-dynamic shape will give you just the resistance you need to get a burn.

Work on your flexibility. Practice your grip strength.

Get a pair of violet-colored water dumbbells today!

SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves

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Have you heard of DVT? It sounds like a stinging mosquito repellant, tell me about it—-I know. Though it stands for “deep vein thrombosis.” It occurs as a result of the formation of deeply embedded blood clots, mostly in the legs. It is painful for one, and just straight up gnarly to boot. There are folks for whom a long haul flight is not just the inane security theater and the usual, surly, service-as-as-a-disservice and bumps and all, but potentially deadly as the the restricted movement for long durations, disrupted circadian rhythms, coupled with the propensity for one to naturally aim to take a nap means poor circulation, leading to risk factors for pulmonary embolisms, and of course deep vein thrombosis.

Pressure, here at least, is your friend. A compression sock helps veins stay taut, and thus calm and collected. Prevention is better than the cure. Buy from SB SOX.