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Neon Genesis Evangelion now Streaming on Netflix

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Damn that EVA 01 looks good.

From 1995, whoa.

A stunning violet EVA 01 specimen.

Despite the “初号機” or Shogoki being referred to as a “Test Type,” this was the first non-prototype Evangelion unit It is effectively a mechanized shrine to the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari. It is the sole EVA to be born from Lilith. (Spoiler alert) Following this unit’s date with going berserker and consuming Zeruel's S² Engine, it was the only Evangelion unit capable of going sans umbilical cable. That is, until the construction of the Mass Production Evangelions.

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“Described in the New Yorker as “a kind of Holy Grail for anime fans” because it’s been difficult to find and watch legally until now, it was released by Netflix in English on June 21. The 26-part series by Hideako Anni is not quite science fiction anymore, and the story it tells isn’t as fantastical now as it was in 1995. But it is, in some senses, the story of our lives.

The show is about an Earth ravaged by war with deadly mechanical “Angels.” It takes place in an imaginary Tokyo where entire city districts, buildings and all, can descend underground while the Angels battle humans in technological armor. The humans fight back with massive machines of their own, called EVAs, which are piloted by psychologically sensitive teens. Obviously, this does not describe our current reality exactly. However, there are elements of this 20th-century series that are factual now, in the 21st century, for better or worse.”

From Quartz

If you must have this beautiful form in your home, maybe somewhere by your lonesome bedside, or in your trophy-ridden she-cave or man-cave, look no further: