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The Definitive Rolling Stones Retrospective

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This is a hand-signed limited edition extra-large book (and by ‘limited’ that means bonafide limited, not throwaway limited, as this is a numbered edition restricted to 75 copies. That is all there ever will be.)

Each copy is signed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie and Ronnie.

It is jam packed with photographs and illustrations, and includes silkscreen printed chapter openers, with three epic foldouts for you to enjoy in all their sumptuousness upon the included clamshell display box.

Relevant to in particular is the royal violet cover of this museum quality book. All we can say is, wow, it pops violet!

Produced in concert with the Rolling Stones, David Dalton, Waldemar Januszczak, and Luc Sante brought this multimedia book to life, charting the Stones’ rock n; roll history and genre-defining, war-hatin’, free-lovin,’ pugilistically rebellious lifestyle in 518 pages of photographs and illustrations, many never before seen, and gathered from archives Rolling Stones’ own transatlantic archives in both New York and London.

Put it on your coffee table, put it on your credit card. Paint it Black and give it shelter.

There are a handful of new copies of this 2014 Art Edition Rolling Stones. Read more here